I’m starting this blog for women who, like me, have experienced domestic abuse in a same-sex relationship. There’s not a lot out there for us – I want women who have been or are going through an abusive relationship to feel a little less alone, and to  know that they’re not the only one.

I also want to share my experience so to try to show that there is hope. There are no portrayals of lesbian survivors in the media – we don’t even exist. And there are very few positive portrayals of any women, gay or straight, who have survived domestic or sexual violence – we’re supposed to be either helpless victims damaged for life, dead, mad or making it all up for attention. This just isn’t true, there are thousands of survivors out there, living their lives, doing the best they can to pull through – what we’ve been through will always be a part of us, but it isn’t all of who we are.